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Nok. Oslo is a multidisciplinary, free-of-charge and low-threshold service for anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault in their childhood, as well as their relatives. The centre is also a professional resource providing guidance and education for school classes, teachers, healthcare personnel and other professionals on matters relating to sexual assault.

We cannot take the pain away but we can help you identify ways in which to live with it. Through compassion, patience, generosity and professionalism, we can help you work through what happened and help you sort through the challenges.

All users of the centre will be treated respectfully and as equals. We strive to be available to anyone who requires advice, guidance or support.

If you want to learn more about the centre, please call or send an e-mail. You can remain anonymous and we have a duty of confidentiality. Facilitation, interpreters and other customised services are also available.

Nok. Oslo - Senter mot incest og seksuelle overgrep
adress: Akersgata 1, 4 etg. (enterence 1), 0158 Oslo.

Telephone: 23 31 46 50

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Nok. sin virksomhet er regulert i rundskriv fra Bufdir. I tillegg inngår vi i et faglig samarbeid med andre Nok.- sentre over hele landet. Nok.-paraplyen samler sentrene om en felles faglig plattform og etiske retningslinjer for å sikre høy faglig kvalitet og et likeverdig tilbud uavhengig av hvor i landet du bor.



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